About us


The Cha Tong in Chinese tea culture is person that stays in shadow of tea master and allows him to focus on brewing tea, making sure that tea master don’t have to worry about things like hot water running out mid session.

For us it also represents everything that is in shadow of every great tea session. Tea farmers and tea masters that have stayed true to traditional ways of making tea, using their hands to harvest and process tea, pouring their heart and soul to make tea that is testament to their skills and tradition. 

The Cha Tong shop represents over 20 years of building relationships with tea farmers and experience in sourcing tea. It is fruit of tea passion. Idea of creating it bloomed in my mind, when on my tea journey for the first time I had a chance to try real Zhengyan Yancha. Zhengyan Natural Reserve is original location where rock tea comes from. What makes Zhengyan special (other than being birthplace of oolong tea) is fact that no pesticides are allowed in the natural reserve and its unique microclimate. WuyiShan provides a natural hiding place with many hills and valleys, mountains act as a protective barrier and create humid environment with mineral rich soil and year-round rain and fog.

Our WuyiShan Tea Master is fourth generation Yancha Tea Master. He actively makes tea and is one of around 200 people in the entire world having tea engineering degree, which is the highest honor issued by Chinese government in tea making that one can ever achieve. We are truly privileged to be able to offer his teas and we strive to find finest examples of other clean and traditionally processed teas that very rarely leave China and Taiwan.

Vicky & Marcin